An introductory meeting is held to meet the Designer and the Customer. At the first meeting you  provide us with all the necessary information about wishes and budget. The designer will take photos and measurements of your space, which will be used throughout the design process.





By agreement, the author's support is included in the design project. We plan and monitor the progress of construction and repair works. Our team will help you avoid mistakes, speed up the process and easily go through all the stages of construction.  





one.               5 yezdov  designer to the object (once or twice a week up to 2 hours / departure). Also, the designer travels to the construction site upon request, depending on the need for control


2.                Making adjustments to the working documentation that arose after dismantling old partitions and erecting new ones, after leveling floors, walls and ceilings, as well as in consequence  other opening  during construction and repair  works of new circumstances


3 .                        Control and advice on the implementation of installation and finishing works


4 .               Implementation of constant communication with the team of workers, their advice and control over the observance of each stage of the work

5 .               Regularly informing the Customer about the progress of work and progress achieved, advising on how to resolve emerging issues


one.                 Monitoring contractors' compliance with construction technologies  (this is the responsibility of site foremen and technical supervision services)

2.                 Services for depositing funds on behalf of the Customer to third parties

3.               Acceptance of materials, furniture, decor, etc.

4.                Responsibility for improper performance of contracts by third parties  by persons

TIME           Designer supervision is carried out during the period agreed by the parties. 
If the construction of the facility does not end during this period, an additional contract is concluded.


COST OF WORK  (subject to the location of the object within the Moscow Ring Road) 20,000 rubles

In order to achieve the ideal result of the implementation of the finished design project, we recommend that you also use the service for the Completion of the object.

The result of the design is the interior concept with diagrams for its implementation.

The result of the "turnkey interior" service is an apartment or a house in a new interior.


one.                 Preparation  commercial offers indicating the selling companies


2.                  Controlling the timing of shipment and installation of purchased interior items

3.                  Informing you about the progress of fulfillment of obligations by suppliers

4.                  Controlling the timing of shipment and installation of purchased interior items

five.                  Selection together with the Customer (or without, sending options from stores online)  finishing materials, furniture and interior items (selection of floor and wall coverings, joinery, ceramic tiles, plumbing,  lighting equipment, cabinet and upholstered furniture, decoration with objects of art, accessories, selection of textiles, etc.). Everything is selected in strict accordance with the Design project developed by us.

6.                  Connection  with suppliers on all issues arising in the course of deliveries

7.                  If necessary, Conclusion of contracts with suppliers and  making payment

eight.                  Discounts from our partners


TIME           Design project equipment  held  until completion of the object set.  


COST OF WORK  for 1 sq.m      up to 60 sq.m - 950 rubles.

                              61-90 sq.m.- 850 rubles.

                            9 1-130 sq.m.- 750 rubles.

                            more  13 0 sq. M. - 650 rubles.