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Let's start with the background.

We met Katya quite by accident, it was one beautiful day in a coffee shop,  where I had a meeting with our customer, we discussed her project of a country house, Katya was sitting at the next table and, apparently, heard our conversation and realized that I was a designer :). After that  how the customer left, and I decided to sit still, Katyusha was not at a loss and took my contacts, explaining that the other day she was becoming the happy owner of the keys from her own apartment, but she did not understand at all  where to start, what to do and in general there is a mess in my head, even ideas  and there is.  Soon we got down to work, and then the fun began :)

Katyusha is a beautiful girl, gentle and very airy, I wanted to make an appropriate interior for her.


Small apartment  one-room, the task was, as always with such apartments: to visually expand the space as much as possible, while not at the expense of functionalism. + will fit into a rather small budget. All repairs are complete  everything that you see cost Katya, taking into account the design project, 1.5 million rubles.

It took a lot of time to persuade Katya to make the walls specifically for painting, make a white interior and put white doors - in fact, this almost always takes a lot of time, you give a million examples, show your apartment, clients' apartments, argue why nevertheless, white is better and you break, break and once again break stereotypes and very false arguments .. but you always get your way in the end :) (and absolutely always after the implementation of the project, after a long stay in the apartment by the customers, they say: "Thank you, you was right"


It was decided to make the bedroom bright, but in warm colors.  Katya always dreamed of glass sliding partitions, with them we decided to divide the room area into a bedroom and a living room area, there are many advantages: when the partitions are open, daylight fills the whole room, and if you are waiting for unexpected guests, then you can not make the bed :) but if the appearance of a baby to protect him from unnecessary sounds.

The accent of the bedroom has become peonies comfortably located on the wall, due to their delicate colors, the interior does not visually become smaller  , opposite the bed, we built in a mirror for Katya  closet,  inside which is a work desk, and mirrored doors trick the eye, creating the illusion of another room.

In the living room you can see  a wall that beckons the eye, these are 3D panels that have become fashionable for a long time and are not going to leave this niche soon 

Our corridor is completely white, but we added speakers to the interior of the kitchen due to black inserts. As you can see  the interior is visually very spacious, but in life it is generally full of air.

A one-room apartment can be cozy, spacious and very functional, now you can see for yourself :)!

Read in our Blog an interview with Katya, made when we were visiting her, she will talk about the white color, about her feelings and feed us with her signature dish!